GIIS witnesses 10,000+ applications for the Global Citizen Scholarship

    • Applications are now open for the third entrance exam scheduled on 25th March 2023
    • Selected candidates will get a fully funded scholarship worth SG$90,000 to Pursue high school education in Singapore

    The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is excited to announce the opening of applications for the third entrance exam for Global Citizen Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship allows exceptional grade 10 students to complete their grade 11 and 12 at the renowned GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore on a fully funded scholarship.  Earlier exams for the Year 2023-24 were held in the month of December 2022 and January 2023, and the third and last exam is scheduled on 25th March 2023 to recognise students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements. Since its inception in 2008, the Global Citizen Scholarship has been an extraordinary opportunity for Grade 10 students in the country to study in grades 11 and 12 in Singapore, regardless of their location, school, or board of education. 

    So far, the school has witnessed over 10,000 applications from students across the country. GIIS is witnessing a growing demand for the scholarship. Therefore, to meet this demand, the scholarship is also open for students to study at GIIS India campuses. 

    The fully funded platform has been a dream comes true for many students aspiring to live and study in Singapore, and to further their academic careers at prestigious universities like the Ivy League schools. Scholars receive a 100% waiver on school fees for two years to study in grades 11 and 12, as well as benefits such as free accommodation, travel costs, allowance, and more, totaling approximately S$90,000 per student. After completing Grade 12, students will be advised to select and apply for higher education at world-class universities. The flagship SMART Campus has hosted hundreds of scholars in the past, who have gone on to study at reputed universities around the world. 

    “The Global Citizen Scholarship is a carefully curated initiative that allows deserving students to pursue their high school education abroad, GCS provides students with an excellent opportunity to learn about different cultures and educational systems, allowing them to become more open-minded and well-rounded individuals. We are delighted to offer the Global Citizen Scholarship to deserving students in Singapore for the 15th consecutive year. “With the 100% waiver on school fees and other benefits, we hope to empower these young minds to excel in their studies and create a bright future for themselves. We are proud of our scholars who have gone on to study at renowned universities worldwide, and we look forward to welcoming more exceptional students to the SMART Campus. GIIS welcomes students for the upcoming written exam which is scheduled in the month of March 2023.” said Mr. Pramod Tripathi, Director Academic, GIIS Singapore. 

    Students shortlisted in written exams will appear for online and Face to face interviews and further their Grade X board results are also taken into consideration as a process to award Global Citizen Scholarship. The scholarship allows final candidates to choose between the CBSE or IBDP curricula for the high school years.

    About Global Citizen Scholarship

    Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS) is a prestigious, fully funded scholarship provided by Global Indian International School (GIIS) to highly deserving students. Launched in 2008, the initiative has helped over 100 students across India to avail international education at various campuses of GIIS and make their dream come true. The esteemed Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS) offers an unparalleled opportunity and learning experience to the selected students. The goal is to nurture students as global citizens of the future and provide them with better access to reputable universities across the world. The scholarship funds the cost of education, accommodation for two years along with travel expenses for students who wish to complete Grade 11 and 12 on any of the campuses. Since 2020, more campuses have been added to this scheme, with the aim to widen the spectrum and help students to benefit from this prestigious scholarship. With this, students can select their campus for studies at Singapore and India; this gives the candidates a jump start in their higher education and career growth.

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