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Here’s what makes Ashoka School of Business one of the highest-ranking B-schools in India

In the era where marketing is considered to be the backbone of any industry, a degree in business management can help aspiring business leaders develop critical management skills. At Ashoka School of Business, these leaders are created, and they are prepared to create brands.

Opting for higher studies unleashes your inner potential and expands the horizon of career opportunities for you. It also helps you unlock various sky-high opportunities with top-notch companies and if you are a budding entrepreneur you will witness a paradigm shift in your thought process and take on the management, it will broaden your perspective on the subject.

Business management has become one of the most sought-after professions in the last few decades, especially after the onset of the industrial revolution. The degree is no longer just for commerce graduates but now seems to attract doctors and engineers on a similar level. This demand has led to the opening up of a lot of B-schools globally and finding the right one for yourself has become a very daunting task.

Here Ashoka School of Business steps in as an answer to all your questions. It aims at turning the aspirant’s dream into reality. With a 30-acre lush green campus and world-class faculty, ASB helps you unleash your inner potential and upskill yourself. It helps students to ideate, evaluate and evolve into successful entrepreneurs.

ASB believes that marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master because marketing is not a battle of products but of perceptions. To help students deal with practical difficulties they might face in marketing and management, they have created a faculty of multinational CEOs, COOs, and CFOs giving the students an insight into industry norms and standards, shaping them into a perfect fit for the business world. All these whilst also molding them to stand out during interviews. They have a team of industry experts and potential mentors who help learners secure coveted jobs.

Not just this but ASB has a lot of other specialties differentiating it from other B schools and making it the perfect pick. At ASB they understand that turning a budding entrepreneur into a successful one requires the right course of action and training. The entire curriculum has been designed and delivered keeping that in mind.

Their subject-centered curriculum reflects contemporary business requirements and the course structure focuses on disruptive technologies. The main motto of this program is to ensure practical exposure to learning with international peer groups.

The course structure prioritizes theory knowledge but also provides hands-on learning, providing real-time practical experience. With group projects, seminars, case studies, and internships, students receive a confidence boost and prepare for the real-time business world.

The entire course structure revolves around experiential learning and skill development rather than limiting students to theoretical knowledge.

Their Executive in Residence (EIR) program ensures industry magnates make a weekly visit to enable students to learn about different facets of a business. They talk to the students about real life challenges and also provide tips and tricks to master them.

ASB has come up with a few programs to make the learners understand the face of the market and gear up for ongoing difficulties with the requisite knowledge provision.

The programs are listed as follows:

  • PGDM – Marketing with Business Analytics
  • PGDM – Finance with Fintech
  • PGDM – HR with HR Analytics
  • PGDM – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

ASB follows a very smooth admission and selection process, keeping it fair and abbreviated.

At Ashoka the process is not just confined to learning but they also ensure a smooth placement process for their students. It’s the first ever B-school in India to introduce a 360-degree personality grooming initiative. This program grooms students to crack the interviews and get placed in their dream companies, through a series of communication workshops, mock interviews, and industrial practices.

This grooming program allows learners to undergo testing their personality grooming trajectory. It helps them in mapping their interests and abilities to the requirements of different verticals of the industry. They also ensure aspirants are placed by closely monitoring their grooming process and mapping their abilities skills, and interests. They are made job-ready so they win career opportunities in no time.

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