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IAMIN World launches its Financial Literacy Platform for Kids & Teens

The company aims to make kids & teens money smart from an early age through the mastering of financial literacy

Mumbai: IAMIN World launches its financial literacy platform to address the financial literacy gap amongst kids and teens between grades 1 – 12. The platform will empower kids & teensto be money smart from an early age by providing them the tools to master financial literacy. IAMIN World will offer learning through an LMS Portal which focuses on the most important quotients of Financial Literacy: Spend, Save, Invest, Earn & Learn. IAMIN World is available on IOS and Android post-registration.

As per a survey by the National Centre for Financial Education, 73% of Indians are not financially literate. Further, India’s school and college education ecosystems are not offering any kind of learnings in this segment. Addressing this, IAMIN World’s platform will offer a unique approach to address the financial literacy gap among kids by utilizing comic style curriculum content to resonate with them. The platform is built on the understanding that financial literacy is habit-forming learning which needs to be inculcated at an early learning age. The curriculum followed on the platform is designed to give a personalized experience to kids while covering all intrinsic aspects of age-appropriate financial literacy. The curriculum has been customized for each age group based on the understanding level of kids.

Further, the platform will allow kids to kickstart their financial journey from a young age, with real money. This will be facilitated through IAMIN World’s partnership with RBL bank for a prepaid card and financial transactions. This learning through actual monetary transactions will be available for teens from Grade 7-12. The Prepaid cards, issued by RBL Bank, utilizes the parents’ KYC as per the Bank’s guideline.

“We believe kids today are not only digitally savvy, but they are also agile learners. However, there exists a large gap in financial literacy among kids of today. This belief has guided us to develop a platform that builds on the core values of financial literacy while imparting it through a new age platform”, said Ankit Shah, Founder & CEO of IAMIN World.

Adding further, Mr Shah stressed, “Our focus is not only to educate kids on financial concepts, rather, we aim to provide them real-life experiences with real money. With our specially designed curriculum and implementation strategies, kids can relate the concepts they learn with their lives.”

IAMIN World is on a mission to teach finances to kids and teens in order to help them ease the transition into the financial world in adulthood. By understanding the 4 strong “LEGS” of Finance: Learn, Earn, Goals & Save, kids can develop money management habits and values.

The platform is available in English and can be accessed via the web, and post-registration the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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