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Rudraksh Immigration Group : The Canadian Migration Process Via CUSMA

Canada continues to be a popular destination for migrational purposes. Its world-class educational institutes, high standards of living, friendly and diversified migration programs, amicable natives, inter-cultural population, etc. are some of the key reasons that attract so many foreign nationals every year. Rudraksh Immigration Group explains yet another way to migrate to Canada using the CUSMA program.

CUSMA stands for Canada United States Mexico Agreement. There are a whole lot of Indians who might have a Mexican or American nationality. For some reason, if they want to migrate to Canada, CUSMA programs could be really helpful. It doesn’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) certificate or Temporary Resident Visa and could be applied from any Port of Entry or Visa Office. The CUSMA programs could be divided into 4 categorise:

  1. CUSMA Professional
  2. CUSMA Intra-Company Transfer
  3. CUSMA Traders
  4. CUSMA Investors

A. CUSMA Professional

Following are the key requirements and features of the CUSMA Professional Program:

  1. CUSMA Professionals is valid for 60 targeted professions.
  2. Employment offer from Canada is necessary.
  3. The job must match the educational and academic qualification.
  4. Documents for educational qualifications are needed.

B. CUSMA Intra-Company Transfer

As the name suggests, this program is ideal for people already working in Mexico or the USA at a company and would like to move to Canada under the same company. Its salient features are the following:

  1. CUSMA Intra-Company Transfer can be used by an employee who must have worked at a brand, subsidiary or affiliate of their U.S. or Mexican employer for 1 year.
  2. Applicant must hold a similar position.

C. CUSMA Trader

This program stems from the fact that the Canadian economy could benefit immensely from foreign trade. The businesses will flourish and hence, the government will reward the stakeholders in some form. Its prime trademarks are:

  1. CUSMA Trader allows the applicant to carry out trade of goods or services.
  2. The trade must be with their country of citizenship.

D. CUSMA Investor

In this age of globalisation, each nation understands the importance of attracting foreign investors. To further promote that, this program rewards the investors who make investments in the Canadian businesses. There are a few categories and types of businesses that qualify. Other aspects of this program include:

  1. CUSMA Investors is for those who made investment in Canadian business.
  2. They must travel to Canada to develop and direct business.
  3. They must have controlling stake in the business.
  4. Their title, place within the company’s hierarchy, job duties are considered.
  5. They CAN’T partake in the business’s hands-on activities.

All these facets of the CUSMA programs are designed to attract foreign nationals from varied fields of interest to boost the overall economy of Canada. If you are looking for an opportunity to migrate to Canada and hail from any one of the aforementioned categorise, you stand a great chance to get the visa via the CUSMA programs. For any query or guidance at any step of this process, make sure to approach Rudraksh Group in Mohali. With their experience of over 28 years in the field, they could be your perfect guiding support to make your dream a reality.

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