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SSDPS Team bags First Prize in Prestigious Doom Parilament Debate Competition

Seksaria Sushila Devi Public School Team impressed judges with logic and reasonability of their arguments. The Topic for the debate was ‘Military Services should be made mandatory’ SSDPS team included

  1. Assuvi Sharma Class XII, (For the Motion)
  2. Mohini Agrawal IX (Against the motion), and
  3. Prince Sharma, XI (Interjecter)

All of them ruled the roost from the beginning to the end of their arguments and carved a niche for SSDP school.

Chief guest Mr. Sahitya Prakash Mishra ( C.D.O. Hathras), Principal, Doon School Mr J .K Agrawal Juri members Dr. Sangeeta Arora professor R.D. Girls college and Dr.Preeti Verma professor P.C.Bagla  college Hathras and other dignitaries were also present on this occasion.

Seksaria Sushila Devi Public School was awarded first prize, followed by St. Francis and RLVM. This Achievement is remarkable as it involved 12 schools in the region. All the dignitaries jury members and audience praised the way Seksaria Sushila Devi Public School students’ team presented their views.

The winners were congratulated by Director Mr. Dinesh Seksaria and Dr Ganesh D Patil, the Principal of the school who also mentored and Trained the team with Mr Uday Singh and Archana Singh. Winners were awarded Trophy, medals and Certificate.

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