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Three students from Oakridge International School Bachupally cracks into world’s top universities.  

Hyderabad, 26th February 2022: While Stanford University, The Society for Space and Education Research and Development (SSERD) and The University of California- are known to be among the world’s top universities, three of the students from Oakridge International School, Bachupally stands out by cracking into the most sought-after institutions in 2022. Ishvi, Tiya and Ridah have outshined amongst thousands of students globally who apply for this opportunity, making a mark of their own.

Standing out from the crowd, Ishvi made tremendous achievement by receiving an 85% scholarship from the Top 10 in QS world ranking, Stanford University. She will be pursuing an Undergraduate Program in Computer Science. “I am very thankful to my teachers and friends for believing in me. The support I have received from our principal Ms. Baljeet is unimaginable. I’m elated that I not only made my parents proud, but my school marked on the maps of our country. The right guidance from the start has really helped me reach the height I’m today. Stanford is a dream come true for me” – says Ms. Ishvi, student of grade 12, CBSE Oakridge Bachupally.

At the age of 14, Tiya, another student from Oakridge Bachupally, has become one of the youngest students to be selected for the GirlInSpace Mentorship Program in the SSERD.  Having immense curiosity towards learning about space and the unlimited opportunity provided in school with MIT and workshops led Tiya to indulge more in learning about space. “As a Career Counselor, I help students explore various opportunities through workshops/internship programs so that they get to the depth of it. She took part in this challenge and bagged herself a brilliant opportunity. It is indeed of immense pleasure to have our students represent our school at such prestigious platforms like SSERD” said Ms. Tiyasa, Career Counselor at Oakridge Bachupally.

Along with school activities and events, she also had the opportunity to participate in global activities and different university programs like Harvard, Stanford, and Berkley. “This is the perfect opportunity that will build my knowledge and pave my career in space and astronomy. When I look back to that day I feel one thing, make every chance count and give your 100%”, says Tiya, grade 8 IGCSE, student from Oakridge Bachupally.

Ridah, an Oakridger from grade 12, CBSE is one of the top three students from our country to get selected in the prestigious University of California, Berkley. “She will be pursuing Double Major Program (Biology and Business) with a minor in Economics. Berkley is ranked No. 1 in the USA and ranked 4 overall as per the best global universities ranking 2022. She is very excited and wanted the school to know how much she owes it for all the support, guidance and inspiration, she has received from her school”, said Ridah’s Mother.

At Oakridge, the process of shaping students for their future and dreams is initiated at a very early stage in Grade 8, as larger dreams take time and persistence. The skills that are imbibed in them through the process of years are the result of such great achievements.

“It gives immense joy and gratification to share the exemplary performance exhibited by our students who have raised the bar of learning to the next level. It was just not about the academic achievements that our students had embraced but they had simultaneously worked and achieved their dream goals and carved their career path all along the way. Well, life is an endless process of self-discovery – There is no need to reach high for the stars. They are already within you; just reach deep into yourself!”, says Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal Oakridge Bachupally.

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