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Walia’s Academy, India’s first Academic Institution to take 100 scorers to Atlantis, Dubai

Top scorers get an opportunity to fly for an exotic International Trip

New Delhi: Walia’s Academy, a renowned Academic Institution of East Delhi, has once again proved its excellence through sheer hard work and determination. Students of Walia’s Academy who scored a perfect 100 in their board exam were taken on an exotic trip to Atlantis, Dubai.

Coupled with unparalleled coaching to prepare students for a brighter future, Walia’s Academy students have shown their impeccable merit yet again.

The institution rewards its students every year for proving their merit and brilliance.

Walia’s Academy took their last academic 100 scorers to Private Jet Ride, Chopper Ride and Limousine Ride.

This year, once again, students with the perfect 100 score visited Atlantis, Dubai, an exotic trip organised by the Director of Walia’s Academy- Dr. T.S Walia.

From the beginning of enrollment, the academy focuses on helping students to score 100 in their board exams. Eventually, the great achievements of the students are rewarded with such an exotic trip to Dubai or Private Jet rides which is a testimony to the institution’s supremacy and calibre.

The new batch of students also get the same opportunity to board on an international flight if they score the perfect 100 in upcoming board exams.

Walia’s Academy aims to fulfil its goal “Mission 100” every year with their commitment to excellence.

Walia’s Academy India’s first Academic Institution to take 100 scorers to Atlantis Dubai

An accomplished institution since 2002, Dr. T.S Walia holistic approach to teaching and providing new-age learning solutions to its students has been a milestone. The unique learning environment allows students to grow and pave a way for themselves. Constantly adapting to the new dynamics of the academic world, Walia’s Academy has always stood apart from the rest with their devotion to building students for the future generation.

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Walia’s Academy is located in Hargobind Enclave, East Delhi. It is an one of its kind institution owned by Dr. T. S. WALIA.

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