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How to learn Spoken English for beginners by Diwyanshi Shukla

We know the vitality of speaking English in the mounting world, ironically we also know the way people around us concept the English and English speakers. A few people overvalue English and don’t let it remain as just a language to convey the thoughts, rather they make it something to feel inferior to not knowing, another category of people undervalue it by not considering it important enough to learn despite knowing that it’s a global language which, no doubt adds to our confidence. Considering this, it becomes very indispensable to have basic guidance at the preliminary stage of English learning.

In this article, we are going to talk about those 3 important points which every beginner needs to keep in mind to sustain in the journey of learning and become an eloquent English Speaker-

  1. Don’t seek perfection at the initial stage- A very basic but crucial habit which you need to imbibe when you have just embarked upon your journey to speak English is not to be afraid of making mistakes and being judged. If you have a desire to learn English first and speak second, I’m afraid whether you are walking on the right path or not. Learning and speaking have to go hand in hand. If you dream of speaking perfectly, you have to start at some point; go through the process, commit mistakes and then reach at the perfectionists’ level but if you seek perfection at the initial stage, you might never be able to reach there in real life. Talking about people, let me tell you, nobody really cares. The ones who are supposed to judge you will judge you for no specific reason too, if not your bad English then something else and those who are sensible will understand that you are learning and they would help you grow as a speaker. So as soon as you start speaking, you find out where you are lacking and get to work on removing your weaknesses. You make yourself closer to being a confident orator. Thus, the suggestion would be to start where you are, use what you have and just get into speaking, not just collecting the English usage & grammar.
  1. Use effective English vocabulary words in your Hindi articulation-Hinglish’ is one of the most effective tools to use when you are a novice in English learning. What do I mean by ‘Hinglish’? See, when you have started learning English, you might not be able to translate your Hindi sentences into English but you would always be able to find an effective vocabulary word to replace with a Hindi word. Thus instead of translating the whole sentence in English at once, just use the English words in the Hindi sentence which will give you a basic self-reliance to express English when you actually have to speak it.
  1. Stay connected with English- The effectiveness of your English speech and competence of your English learning depends on not only the particular duration you give to learning the lessons of English Grammar or usage but on the practical implementation of those lessons and usage in your practical life. Don’t just collect theory and make notes but also relate those usage by translating the Hindi sentences of your day to day life,by thinking in English, by connecting them with the usage and lessons which you have learnt in your formal classes or informal learning.Basically, it is advised to stay connected to English not only through some classes but also by consistently and consciously thinking about English. Those confusion which will be engendered in your mind while doing this drill will assuredly make you get more clarity of speech and language.

I hope by reading these points you are able to frame a certain kind of guidance for yourself if you too are a tyro at learning English. Follow these steps and it will certainly help you become the master of English Language.

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