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On-line or Off-line – Discip-line is the line

Expert Advice by Vimla Chainani

The normal pace of human life has been hit by disastrous moments and drastic changes. The ripple effect of the pandemic has overshadowed every facet of life. Education has been one of the significant segments.

The shift of the transfer of knowledge from offline to online came with its own pros and cons! But since we have been trained and tuned to observe the half-filled glass, we look at the silver lining and be assured that the best is happening!

Since the curious minds are learning in the comfort of their homes, the role of the first Guru has intensified. So here comes a valuable tip for the mentors at home. The golden key to unlock all the locks of the distracted minds and the best solution to dissolve all issues is DISCIPLINE!!

Doctors prescribe the timely dosage to be taken to cure the illness, nutritionists ask you to follow a particular schedule to achieve the target then why not to follow a disciplined journey when it comes to studies!

If we are doing the same thing that we have been doing and expect a different result then that is craziness.

What is the difference between Discipline and Habit?  That which you do because you are helpless is Habit and that which you do consciously on your own is Discipline.

Your mind having a say over you is a habit.  You having a say over your mind is discipline.

Grace your life and that of the children too by adopting these effective mantras!

Have the right say, at the right time,  don’t become helpless and opt for less! Win over your habits and rule the mind!

Bearing the current scenario in mind, it is best to overlook the shortcomings and pitch in with the educators to mould and nurture the apple of your eye with the best!


Vimla Chainani, (Founder of VirtualE – An Online Educational Application), 

Surat, Gujarat.

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  1. Very well written. With students being under home surroundings instead of school, the role and responsibility of the home-teacher becomes equally significant.

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