The Ultimate Secret of What It Takes To Be a Topper in All India Chartered Accountancy Exams as per ICAI Exam Requirements – From AIR’s Personal practices

One of the few true friends you will make during your preparation is the test series. The majority of top scorers have found that answering questions triggers memories, and even if you don’t know the answer, the test gives you a chance to assess your degree of preparation. As a result, taking examinations was an essential component of everyone’s preparation. You will found 10 out of every 10 topper write the test series. 

One Common habit among top 50 rankers of CA exams is Writing Mock test before the exams and improving their mistakes.

Psychology has long recognized that learning something at different times will increase your memory retention. CA Final Test Series May 2023 enhance early learning and spacing out of learning, which is likely to boost retention because they motivate revision and studying. 

CA Test Series is best test series for CA Final exams which enhances my ability of reminding the concepts and improves my presentation skills. Attempting test papers gives you real feel of the exam hall and step by step my performance improves. To deal with such a big syllabus & dynamic pattern of exams especially for theory test series is quite important 

CA Meet Anil Shah, AIR 1, CA Final Exams

I’m so thankfull to all the mentors who evaluated my test papers and guided through their valuable comments. I blindly followed every suggestions, i was confused with my presentation part and through test series I understood my mistakes and tried to correct it 

Rajan Kabra, AIR 1, CA Intermediate Exams

For the ICAI Examinations, written practise is essential for success. I planned to take about 3 tests each week. For the ICAI Exams, evaluating the preparation is where a carefully thought-out test series proves to be beneficial. By giving you consistent, time-bound subject targets, it not only encourages consistency but also helps you identify your areas of strength and weakness. The tests conducted by catestseries were really helpful. Some question very unique which helped me to gain confidence on my exams. The practice problems really help us a lot.. 

CA Komal Jain, AIR 1, CA Final Exams 

The key to successful exam preparation is consistency, which you’ll achieve by taking mock tests. It enables you to continually assess your preparation and encourages you to do better. Before taking the exam, Test Series gives you the chance to practise and increase your speed and accuracy

CA Sri Krishna Praneeth, AIR 1, CA Final Exams 

Writing Subject Tests is crucial to aligning your plan of action with the syllabus. It is significant for a candidate to retain and understand the content they have studied in order to be prepared for any question on the subject  ” 

CA Sakshi Airani, AIR 2, CA Final Exams 

Students frequently study for 7-8 hours a day without achieving anything. Reading only is ineffective unless you regularly evaluate your level of preparation. Test series provide you the opportunity to achieve that and show you which areas demand more effort and emphasis

CA Bagrecha Sakshi, AIR 3, CA Final Exams 

Exam patterns are constantly changing, thus it’s crucial to adjust to these changes. In this competitive atmosphere, doing smart study is essential for success 

CA Nivedita N, AIR 3, CA Final Exams 

During our journey we evaluated lakhs of answer sheets and found that mostly Students commit small & careless errors like poor introductions in theoretical answers, reasons not covered, making long para’s, justifications to the treatments, simply writing figures without proper representations etc. These mistakes can help a candidate to add 10-15 more marks in each paper. Basically we are providing a right direction to the candidates so that he/she can convert their 30 to 39 into 50-60+ in each subject

CA Abhey Goyal, Educator, CA Test Series (.org)

Test Series give individuals a realistic idea of what to expect on the final Test. Aspirants get to practice time management skills and get a better understanding of the question types. Nevertheless, they contend that the aim of a test should be to improve oneself as opposed to benchmarking your performance against test toppers. 

Some other habits of toppers in CA Final & Intermediate Exams of ICAI

  • Give more importance to the topic coverage during the day instead of number of hours to study
  • Take care of your health during preparation and revision
  • Plan and schedule the preparation properly and follow it promptly
  • Atleast 6 hours of sleep on daily basis and try to have small naps during preparation whenever your eyes are burning or feeling too bored.

Therefore, in order to achieve your goal of achieving a high score and ranking, you need be aware of how to protect your score from thoughtless errors during test series. Therefore, the likelihood that you will attempt the test series for the CA Final Test Series May 2023 & Intermediate exams correctly by selecting the appropriate answers even when you may be a little puzzled increases significantly. It is so because making multiple tries to complete the test series for the ICAI exam helps you develop the knack of selecting the right answers.

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