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Top 5 Best ANM (Nursing) Colleges in Delhi 2024

Presented below is a compilation of the top 5 ANM colleges in Delhi for the 2024-25 session, offering excellent opportunities to acquire comprehensive nursing knowledge.

Nurses are super important in the world’s health system, and we need more of them. Employers now see that people with ANM diplomas are the best choice to fill the shortage of nurses. But, because healthcare is changing, nurses with diploma courses are ready to be great caregivers and strong patient advocates in this new way of doing things.

More patients need healthcare, so nurses must do more than before. Even though there are about 2.50 million nurses worldwide, we still don’t have enough. If you’re a proud citizen of India, you should find ways to help your country. Having a nursing diploma means you’re ready to do important work in healthcare, ensuring you can handle the challenges of taking care of patients and speaking up for them in today’s changing world.

If you know about medicine, are keen on becoming a nurse, and, most importantly, want to make the world healthier, choosing the fantastic Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM) diploma course is a must. In July 2024, you can start applying for admission to ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery) in Delhi. Different government and private nursing schools in Delhi handle the admission process. Unlike some courses, there isn’t one main organization responsible for admission into ANM; it varies depending on the school you’re interested in.

ANM Colleges in Delhi Eligibility

  1. Applicants should have finished their 12th-grade education and achieved the required minimum marks from an acknowledged board.
  2. They are required to secure a minimum of 40% overall marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  3. It is necessary for candidates to have a Science stream background.

List of 5 Best ANM Colleges in Delhi 2024-25

Delhi’s top 5 ANM colleges provide an excellent education for aspiring nurses. If the prospect of becoming a nurse resonates with you, and you possess a nursing certificate, a fulfilling nursing career could be within reach. These institutions offer the best knowledge and skills, bringing you closer to a rewarding path in nursing.

1. Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (IPHH) Delhi

The late Dr.Shyam Sunder Joshi, driven by creative ideals, established IPHH in July 1976. As one of Delhi’s oldest ANM colleges, it embraces diversity and global inclusivity. IPHH, a co-educational institution, welcomes learners from all backgrounds. Committed to imparting essential knowledge for dedicated service to society, the institute emphasizes hands-on, practical education, ensuring preparedness for lucrative, long-term careers. Notably, IPHH is the sole ANM college in Delhi that offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls. IPHH is one of the best ANM Insitute in Delhi NCR.

2. Lady Reading Health School

Lady Reading Health School is a special place for learning about healthcare. It’s well-known for helping students become good healthcare professionals. The school has a great history of doing things excellently. The main goal is to support people who want to be nurses. Lady Reading Health School teaches a lot of practical skills and important knowledge. This helps students get ready for the changing world of healthcare. The school is open to students from all backgrounds, creating a friendly environment for learning, kindness, and a strong commitment to the important nursing job.

3. Akanksha Institute of Nursing

Akanksha Institute of Nursing is a really good school for people who want to be great at nursing. They focus on teaching practical skills and important knowledge to prepare students for the changing world of healthcare. The school is open to students from all backgrounds, making it a friendly and supportive place to learn. Akanksha Institute of Nursing is known for working hard to create skilled nursing professionals, and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in healthcare.

4. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, New Delhi

In New Delhi, there’s a college called Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute (RGPI). It started in 1999 and is approved by UGC and AICTE, which means it follows good educational standards. RGPI is well-known for researching, being innovative, and using effective teaching methods. It’s also considered one of the best ANM colleges in Delhi. The college cares about activities outside of classes and connects with different places worldwide. RGPI offers many courses in paramedicine and helps students find jobs in various sectors like private companies, government, or even starting their own businesses. It’s a place where you can learn a lot and prepare for a career in paramedicine.

5. Salokaya School of Nursing

Salokaya Faculty of Health Sciences is a top place for learning about healthcare in Delhi. Institute focus on teaching nursing leadership, using creative methods, doing quality research, and helping the community. Salokaya School of Nursing aims to train future healthcare workers and support leaders in teaching and clinical roles. With experienced teachers and teamwork, students become leaders in nursing.

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