“Aao Milke Scholarship Paye” | “Let’s Get Scholarships Together” Campaign launched by the ActionAid Association to spread awareness and help popularize scholarship schemes

Education is crucial for the inclusive and sustainable development of children, especially those from poor and disadvantaged sections of society. The education of girl students should not stop and children should be able to complete their education. The Center and State Governments have launched various types of scholarship schemes to help students, but due to lack of knowledge of the process of application, many children are not applying for these schemes. in mind, The “Aao Milke Scholarship Paye” | “Let’s Get Scholarships Together” Campaign has been launched by the ActionAid Association today to spread awareness and help popularize scholarship schemes. This campaign will be run for two months by activists associated with the organization across 50 districts in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. And working together with communities the organization will spread awareness and information about available scholarship schemes and help applicants complete the necessary procedures to get the benefit of those schemes. This campaign has been run on a large scale by ActionAid Association for the last two years, and thousands of children across the country have been helped to secure government scholarship schemes.

ActionAid Association has run training programmes on scholarship schemes to activists across 150 districts of the country, who in turn are spreading information about these schemes in their respective districts, and will help students fill and submit their application. Based on the issues faced by students suggestions will also be submitted to the government for necessary changes in the existing policy, so that the scholarship schemes do not remain on paper, but deliver the planned benefit to students in need.

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