Dr.Pratik Mungekar has been appointed as Global Vice Chancellor for Wisdom University

Proud Moment for India. Victory to the god!

Dr.Pratik Mungekar has been appointed as Global Vice Chancellor for Wisdom University. He is the first and only youngest Indian to be appointed as Vice Chancellor till date.

As a Global learning platform, the management of the institution has decided to extend its hands to solicit for academic technocrats from other institutions of learning across the globe hence the structure below to guide and convince our suitors why we are truly global.

  1. PROPRIETOR- FOUNDER – Chancellor, Prof JMD Aiyeyemi – Nigerian 
  2. Vice Chancellor, Prof Pratik Rajan Mungekar – Indian 
  3. Pro- Chancellor, Prof Om Prakash Gupta – Indian 
  4. Pro-Vice Chancellor Africa, Prof Adeogun Joseph Kayode – Nigerian 
  5. Pro- Vice Chancellor Asia, Prof Faisal Fayyaz – Pakistani 
  6. Pro-Vice Chancellor Europe, Prof Dragan Jovanov – Macedonian
  7. Pro- Vice Chancellor North America, HRH Prof Jose F Rodriguez – American 
  8. Pro- Vice Chancellor South America, H.E Prof Martin RS Maure Canete – American 

The culture of scholarship known to Gombe State, Northeast, Nigeria and Africa at large was established in our academic briefs, as one of the key attractions for the Wisdom University Gombe. Next to that, is the large pool of youths with intent to pursue a university degree. 

Wisdom University is not limited to Nigeria, it shall remain a thriving force to bring education to all remote parts of the World until every child is educated and our dream for transforming the world through Education and Diplomacy achieved.

Prof.Dr.Pratik Rajan Mungekar 

Scientist, Professor, Counsellor, Global Educator, Published Author & an International Speaker.


1) He is the first indian to be appointed as the planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Newly emerging The Kingdom of Atlantis (a Decentralized Sovereign kingdom)

2) He is the first youngest Indian whose book Introduction to sustainable Development Goals (Non Academic) is now part of Atlantean Education program.

3) He is first youngest Indian to receive 300+ Honorary Doctorates from all over the world.

4)He is first youngest Indian professor who taught to more than 8000+ Students & Career guided 4000+ Students till date & the count is still on.

5) He is the first Indian who has 850+ International, National & State Awards 6 National Patents, 15 World Records at the age of 28 for his contribution in the field of Teaching & Research.

6) He is the first youngest Indian to receive 125+ Honorary High Degrees across the Globe.

7) He is the first Indian to be appointed by 45+ International organizations on various High-positions at the same time.

8) He is the first youngest Indian to be appointed as Ambassador by 46 organization of many countries in almost all disciplines.

9) He is the first Indian youngest professor to start teaching at the age of sixteen, the age of twenty Seven He has completed twelve years of Teaching.

10) He is the first Youngest Indian to receive Royal &Prestigious Titles such as 1) Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.), 2) H.R.H. 5* Duke.

11) First Youngest Indian to receive Mendeleev’s Fellowship (United Kingdom’s Highest Academic Honour).

12)First Indian to receive the distinguished title “Professor Wisdom” from Institución Cultural Colombiana Casa Poética Magia y Plumas ,Colombia South America.

13) Visiting faculty in many National & Foreign Universities.

14)Director Research & Innovation, OXFAA University, Lighthouse Leadership University.

15) First youngest Indian to be appointed as Vice Chancellor Positions at

      1.Unified Theological Seminary    USA 

      2.University of Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore 

  1. Webiston University, Zimbabwe
  2. Wisdom University Gombe, Nigeria

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