ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited and Eduthon are back with JOURNEY ASPIRING TO INSPIRE EDITION 2

Let’s hear some inspiring Stories with the celebration of TEACHER’S DAY on 11th September.

  • Venue: Symbiosis Auditorium Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Time: 10:00 am

“Journey-: ASPIRING to INSPIRING Edition 1” has launched on the eve of Teacher’s Day on 4 September 2021 by Scholarstree with the idea to give due respect to the educators who are the pillars, The backbone of the education system and the building blocks of our society who help us Lay a firm foundation of knowledge and wisdom.

If we see an educator’s journey it’s very simple and straight, but if we see the broader spectrum of an educator’s journey where an educator starts his or her career as an assistant teacher or floating teacher and reaches the highest post of the institution.

Last year we heard many inspiring stories like this and this year we are back with many more stories to inspire.

ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited and Eduthon are back with JOURNEY ASPIRING TO INSPIRE EDITION 2.

For this year’s edition, The Complete event is

  • Conceptualized by: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited, Eduthon Education Beyond Syllabus
  • Media Partner: Stay Featured
  • Connecting Partner: Win Connects Win Connects Intellectual Network TM & Palingo
  • Collaborator: Mindlancer, DIAS, Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub, DIAS – Driving Aspiration
  • Online PR Partner: Brand Maker RD
  • Regional news: ‘Samruddha Vyapar’
  • Supported by: Watersports
  • Special collaboration: Shotokon Karate-do sports association

The main objective of the whole celebration is to show the teachers how much loved and respected they are for the service they do to the students. It is a day to show the teachers that they do a commendable service to society and the nation by educating the youth.

The Cultural City Of Maharashtra, Pune is ready to extend gratitude for Teachers’ Day is certainly the day that offers a respite from the mundane school routine and allows indulging in light, joyful activities. It is a great time to strengthen the student-teacher bond.

Team Eduthon believes An encouraging and appreciative teacher nurtures students into positive-minded and confident beings. So they decided to continue to the baton of the “Journey of Aspiring to Inspiring” With Edition 2.

During this announcement, the Founder of SCHOLARSTREE EDUCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Mrs Saravjeet Kirad  & Director Shweta Pankaj “We are always open to collaborating with groups of people focused on delivering ideas, products, resources, services or solutions that deliver value.   As a team we are extremely thankful to brands who are associated with us  Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub, DIAS – Driving Aspiration, Palingo, Water Sports, Stay Featured, Brand Maker RD.”

Mrs Bhawana Gupta, from Palingo added “Collaboration in this sense acts as a force multiplier for innovative ideas and as checks and balances for ideas. Successful alliances build and improve a collaborative advantage by first acknowledging and then effectively managing the human aspects of their alliances.”

ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited and Eduthon are back with JOURNEY ASPIRING TO INSPIRE EDITION 2.

Prachetan Potadar, Founder of Stay Featured “Such kinds of events bring cultural awareness to bridge their differences alliances are built on hopes and dreams-what might happen if certain opportunities are pursued.”

Rupesh Dharmik from Brand Maker RD shared his thoughts like this “There can be a lot of far-reaching benefits from collaborating with other organizations. More customers, for one. Working with others can help companies build a wider reach, gain new customers and extend influence into new areas.

Partnerships are also an opportunity for organizations to learn. They can provide fresh perspectives and insight into new ways of getting work done. Exposure to this innovative event can be priceless when a collaboration goes well.”

Nidhi Mithil Bhandare Representing Felicitation Partner Mindlancer conveyed her thoughts “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the wonderful and dedicated educators out here!

Your commitment to providing excellent service to education and all of us are admired and valued. After Ignite Meraki 2022, teachers and educators  come together or visit  to emphasise the importance of creativity and empowering educators’ voice on 11th September.’’

ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited and Eduthon are back with JOURNEY ASPIRING TO INSPIRE EDITION 2..

Dr Pratik Mungekar from DIAS, Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge hub said “On the demand side,  This event is here to spread awareness about the shift from factual learning to learning how to work on projects and better meet the future business environment is an issue frequently raised, providing both a challenge and an opportunity for change.”

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